Penzión SKI Jezersko

Vyspite sa do ružova so šumom vetra a vôňou lesa

Pri horskom vzduchu a šume lesa sa Vám u nás bude spať tak dobre, že nebudete chcieť vyliezť z postele.

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Dokonalý relax pre telo i dušu

Doprajte si po dni na svahu oddych v príjemnom wellness centre nášho penziónu.

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The guesthouse will be closed on the following dates:

10.03.2024 – 27.03.2024

03.04.2024 – 25.04.2024

SKI Jezersko Guesthouse

Completely refurbished SKI Jezersko Guesthouse welcomes you in the cozy northern valley of Spišská Magura near the Bachledka Ski & Sun Resort and 1.4 km from the Treetop walk.

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Natural materials, modern design and soothing colors create a pleasant feeling and cozy atmosphere. Book your room online.

Restaurant and a bar

Our restaurant caters to all the senses throughout the whole day. A warm and cozy atmosphere, traditional dishes prepared and served with love.

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The guesthouse has a small but cozy relax center – steam, infrared and dry sauna in lovely tones – perfect harmony, a source of pleasure and enjoyment.

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Attractions nearby

Explore Pieniny – the smallest and oldest Slovak national park,
the beautiful nature around, enjoy 9 km of Bachledka slopes and Treetop walk.

Bachledka Ski & Sun

Fun for young and old awaits you on 9 km of ski slopes of all levels of difficulty. The northern slopes and altitude guarantee excellent skiing conditions throughout the winter.


Treetop walk Bachledka

Discover the Tatras from the treetops. Climb the path up to 32 meters above the ground and experience the beauty of nature from a bird’s eye view.

Pieniny National Park

Climb the magical Three Crowns, discover the herbarium of Monk Cyprian and float down the Dunajec on traditional rafts like a true Goral. Discover the beauty of Pieniny and Zamaguria.